The Art of Faux by Pierre Finkelstein

Sadly, The Art of Faux: The complete sourcebook of decorative painted finishes by Pierre Finkelstein is no longer for sale on our website. The book is no longer in print and our inventory has since faded. Since published, the book has stood the test of time with over 50,000 copies sold.  The AOF has been […]

World Cup Fever

An interview with Pierre Finkelstein about World Cup fever: What are your favorite teams: USA, France, England, Holland, Sweden, Japan Least favorite? Argentina & Brazil Which team jerseys do you have? USA, France, Sweden, Japan, Italy, Brazil ( a gift but I never wear it) Favorite player? Johan Cruyff of Holland Goalies in general because […]


GIDP has finally made it to facebook! Over the past 29 years I have developed my techniques, tools, and business to make a reliable system. By sharing my experience and expertise though PFI, I constantly grow and better myself. “Like” GIDP on facebook for on the spot job updates, and photographs of samples,  job-sites, and […]

Versailles Class

17 students from all over the world have come together for a 6-day traditional decorative painting workshop, and 2 day tour with Pierre Finkelstein and Jean Sablé in Versailles. What an experience! Check out what’s been happening.  Jean finalizing the layout of his canvas.    Jean working on top ornamentation.    Students working on ornamentation. […]

How to create a Ornamental Frieze by Pierre Finkelstein

Painting this ornamental frieze was a little different then most because we went into it not knowing exactly what we were painting. Once we got on location we need to build a long easel which you see in the picture below. The easel was constructed using 4×8 plywood. cut in 3 strips creating a 18’ […]

Painting Pietra Dura marble from Pierre Finkelstein

Pietra Dura created by Pierre Finkelstein For more information on the brushes or paints used in this “how to” please visit as seen originally on And for the proper brush holdings click here for helpful tips. Step 1 Step 2 Then wet I am adding veins. Using a mixture of white peins gray, […]