Color palette for the decorative painter

Here is the color palette for the decorative painter that we use at GIDP to create most of our finishes.  Based on my experience in business and teaching, I’ve found these colors to be essential for creating most finishes (with an emphasis on faux marble and woodgraining).  See previous posts on our job site kits. […]

Mother Glaze

A “Mother Glaze” is an essential ingredient when creating faux marble, woodgraining, certain organic textures, and any other technique that involves the expressive use colors.   I’ve coined this pot of glaze as a “Mother” because it is the base for all offspring colors. For example, when creating the major veins of a marble, I create […]

Faux Rust Patina Door

At a showroom event in Brooklyn, we created this faux rust patina door for a captive audience.   We completed the door in less than 45 minutes.  Therefore, the materials we used were fast-drying for the purpose of re-recoating within minutes. We started with a mixture of tinted primer, Rough Regular Proceed Texture, and Keraset powder.  […]

The Painter’s Palette

How the painter’s palette is organized can make a difference in efficiency for the decorative painter. Use a consistent arrangement to organize the colors on your palette:  Place the white in the upper left-hand corner, then align warm colors in a row to its right, and cool colors in a column below it.  Keep a […]

Our jobsite kits for fast-drying acrylics

These are kits that contain decorative painter’s palette for fast-drying acrylics.  It is these colors that I have on hand at all times.  They fit neatly in these little totes I had made to carry them to job sites. They come in handy for almost every finish.  Here are some common uses for fast-drying Matte […]