Order to paint an entire room

When you are looking at a large room and say, “where do I begin?”, this post will tell you in what order to paint an entire room. On this diagram below, the numbers correspond to the correct order to paint a typical room.   Most rooms will not contain all of these elements.   Your average room […]


A frieze is an architectural flat band between a cornice and an architrave. The horizontal band was often decorated with a continuous, repeat pattern. Decorative painters often are asked to create one in a space.  It can make a room look bigger while adding a delicate design element.  Usually horizontal and placed either below the […]

How to create a Ornamental Frieze by Pierre Finkelstein

Painting this ornamental frieze was a little different then most because we went into it not knowing exactly what we were painting. Once we got on location we need to build a long easel which you see in the picture below. The easel was constructed using 4×8 plywood. cut in 3 strips creating a 18’ […]