Gilding Leaf Sample

We were asked to complete a gilding leaf sample of gold for a client (24K gold and moon gold) Samples require a basecoat in oil–2 coats of satin impervo in a light straw yellow tone for the 22K gold, I would use a different color for the moon gold. Use wet sand paper #400 and #600 […]

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli-Tutorial This faux lapis lazuli panel was completed for a specific client.  Lapis lazuli is a deep blue semi-precious stone (not a marble). Most lapis lazuli contains calcite (white), sodalite (blue), and pyrite (metallic yellow).  Since the stones do not come in boulder sizes (the largest sizes rarely exceed 12 sq. ft.), a larger panel like this needs […]

Faux Marble Baseboard to Match a Mantel

A fantastic way to improve a living space is to paint a faux marble baseboard to match an existing mantel. On many interior projects that we do, there is an existing mantel that is the centerpiece of the room.  Oftentimes, the marble or stone mantel has a variety of colors and character that must be […]

Skewer for metal leaf

Verb: to skewer.  Not just for making kabobs!  In decorative painting, skewering is the act of removing the lap mark of excess leaf from your freshly gilded surface.  Using soft brush for skewering is crucial, as metal leaf will scratch easily. Before skewering … Skewering in process.  See also a video post on the full […]


The chiqueteur brush is used to create texture in faux marble.  When replicating marble with paint, you need a background layer that gives a feeling of texture and color.  This is the perfect brush for that.  It is made of natural fiber and can used in both oil and water mediums.  Sure, you can use […]

Rouge Royal Faux Marble created by Pierre Finkelstein

Rouge Royal Faux Marble created by Pierre Finkelstein For more information on the brushes or paints used in this “how to” please visit as seen originally on And for the proper brush holdings click here for helpful tips. Paints used are from the Proceed Paint line: Black White Raw Umber Red Ochre Yellow […]