Burl wood graining

Here is a quick step-by-step for burl wood graining. For a small sample like this one, I used a slow-dry glaze mixed with the same amount of matte medium.  With a domed glazing brush, I glaze on a mixture of  vandyke brown, burnt umber, and transparent iron oxide (killer color from Proceed by Golden).  Glaze […]

Scagliola Imitation Marble Mantel – Part 2

This is the second and final part of my scagliola inspired, Yellow Sienna marble mantel (part 1). As we left off,  the background was being laid down with aggressive movement with a palette of colors.   The areas were then softened. The background layer was achieved using slow-dry glaze and colorants.  Therefore, the glaze was tacky […]

Scagliola imitation marble mantel – Part 1

A new client came my way who wanted a scagliola inspired, imitation marble on his mantel.  He was very interested in a theatrical rendering with aggressive breche and color — right up my alley! This was the inspiration for the yellow sienna marble.  Scagliola is a process of imitating real marble by using “dough” from […]

Simple English Pine Woodgrain

English Pine can be a simple woodgrain to create as seen in this post.  It requires 3 wet layers to complete (not including basecoat or varnish steps).   I have used oil many times to create this finish, but today’s water mediums (like PROCEED by GOLDEN) are perfectly fine.  In this case, I used a fast […]

Job Recipe Cards

For those of you who know me or have taken a class with me, you know about my job recipe cards.  I am a stickler about these for every technique on every job.  With a completed recipe card, I’m able to know the recipe for every client who may need a touch-up or if they […]

Preserving a small paint roller

Here’s a quick trick to preserving a small paint roller overnight or through the weekend.  It always pays to be inventive on out-of-town job sites like this one. This idea is similar to this great brush tube for long brushes.  First, you’ll need 2 empty water bottles with this shape . Cut off the tops. […]

Patch a crack over a strie

It can be a real challenge to patch a crack over a strie or other glazed surface.  Recently, we went back to a job we completed about 5 years ago and the wood paneling had cracked on many of the joins.  As many of you know, this is not uncommon.   Before I begin, I try […]

Woodgrain layout for an interior space

It is important to understand how the layout of wood in an interior space should dictate your woodgraining.  Knowing and abiding by these rules will show that you are a professional who respects the laws of fabrication. When dealing with a large panel area, it is important to research the type of wood you are […]

Exterior sign painting in Soho

Back to my roots!  I started as a sign painter and I thoroughly enjoy this sort of work.  This was a great job my crew and I had the pleasure of doing in Soho this spring. My task was to re-create the exact sign that was previously existing and damaged.  This is the finished work. […]

sculpture repair and aging

Our recent project of repairing this sculpture and aging it, was an example of an ODD JOB.  The finished look is very raw and unfinished.  The fragile plaster head was shattered in a recent move. Our job was to put humpty dumpty back together again.  This was the photo we had to go by: I […]