The Art of Faux by Pierre Finkelstein

Sadly, The Art of Faux: The complete sourcebook of decorative painted finishes by Pierre Finkelstein is no longer for sale on our website. The book is no longer in print and our inventory has since faded. Since published, the book has stood the test of time with over 50,000 copies sold.  The AOF has been […]

La Realta Dell’Illusione

I’d like to highlight this great book; La Realta Dell’Illusione by Silvana Ghigino. As I’ve outlined in my 2 posts:  Italian vs French style of decorative painting, there is a noticeable difference.  Much is written about the French Style, but this book is a great example of Italian trompe l’oeil, faux marble and woodgraining. Silvan […]

Reference book: Identifying Marblemarblemarlbe

After just getting back from teaching a class on faux marble, this book has been on my mind.   I used it as reference when mixing all of my colors.  If you decide to invest in this book, you will be reaching for this indispensable reference book over and over again. It contains over 160 different […]

Andre-Charles Boulle

Andre-Charles Boulle was arguably the best cabinet-maker, chiseler, and marqueter of his time. His 18th century works were specialized for King Louis XIV and displayed in the Palace de Versailles. He created complex inlayed designs using wood, bronze, and organic materials such as tortoise shell. The close-up photos give an enormous amount of information of […]

French Mantels & Hearths

Chiminees Francais (French Mantels & Hearths)  is a wonderful visual history of mantles and hearths that are unique and well-crafted. From the Renaissance, to gothic styles, to today- this book offers a wide array of designs. Decorative painters will love the close-up marble shots and the carvings and bas-reliefs that are begging to be transformed […]

Painted Homes by pascal Amblard

Painted Homes by Pascal Amblard To purchase this book, click here: The large living room The sobriety and luminosity of the large living room really correspond to the atmosphere of a contemporary apartment, matching very well with the owners’ life style.  It was essential to find a décor that took into account the classicism of […]

Decors et Voilages

Decors et Voilages (Curtains and Valances) is a technical book for upholsterers. With many sketches, the instructions are easy to follow. You will learn complex folds for window dressings, canopy beds, and interior curtain treatments. Decorative painters will love the period renderings that are easy to copy and paint. Perfect for muralists who paint fabric. […]

Perspective study of Interiors

Traite de Perspective d’Architecture Interieure (Perspective study of Interiors) is a highly detailed study of perspective in interiors. It is the most complete book on the subject. Written in French, the description is thorough and clear. For those who don’t read French, the lithograph drawings and diagrams speak for themselves and one can still learn […]

Manuel de sculpture sur bois

Manuel de sculpture sur bois is primarily for the wood carver. This is a step-by-step to creating carved ornaments for furniture, panelling, and any other wood project. For the decorative painter, there are tons of classical and period style ornamentation ideas, where it becomes clear how to render a painted design. Technique book on wood […]

Wood Panelling in Carnavalet Museum

Wood Panelling in Carnavalet Museum shows the renovation process and results of this fantastic museum in Paris. The Carnavalet was a private hotel in the 17, 18th Centuries. Recently, the hotel was completely restored to show it’s original interiors. Great lengths were taken to get a complete color analysis so restorations were accurate. The beautiful strong […]