Slick Coat

A Slick Coat is a “grease”  coat applied to a surface in preparation for a glaze application.  The purpose of greasing the surface is to allow the next layer to be moved and manipulate easier and stay open longer.  It is a clear solution and usually applied with a roller, sponge, mist spray, or rag.  […]

Red Griotte faux marble (Part 2 of 2)

From where we left off in part 1 of the Red Griotte faux marble how-to, we now finish with some fine detail steps along with an overglaze. Here is a picture of real Red Griotte.  This marble is named after the Griotte cherry (from the Ukraine) which has a bright red color.   Notice the coloring […]

Red Griotte faux marble (part 1 of 2)

Here is a how-to for painting Red Griotte faux marble.  This example is painted on a small baseboard piece.  In this case, we base coated a dark brick color in oil – 2 coats.  After, the surface needed to be degreased with whiting to prepare the surface.  A water-based paint can be used, but it […]

The Art of Faux by Pierre Finkelstein

Sadly, The Art of Faux: The complete sourcebook of decorative painted finishes by Pierre Finkelstein is no longer for sale on our website. The book is no longer in print and our inventory has since faded. Since published, the book has stood the test of time with over 50,000 copies sold.  The AOF has been […]

Switch plate covers to match veneered birch wallpaper

Here’s another project where we were hired to paint switch plate covers to match birch veneer wallpaper.  See also: (switch plate covers to match fabric, and switch plate covers to match tile). This is not a step-by-step because it is a very painterly project.  This post is more of a gallery of the different plates […]

Switch plate covers to match embroidered fabric

Here is another small project of painting switch plate covers to match embroidered fabric on the wall.  See tile match post. The plate was textured with a series of tinted texture using the very fine, samina chiqueteur.  Fast-dry fluid acrylics were used with a matte medium. Softening with a round badger between steps. Don’t forget […]

Switch plate covers to match tile

On a recent trip to Utah, we completed a series of switch plates — this switch plate cover matched the tile in a bathroom. The first thing we did was take a picture of the plate.  Then, it was brought back to my working station in the house. We were given 2 actual tiles for […]

Polished plaster touch up

Performing a touch up on a polished plaster wall, can be a huge challenge.  If the area is small enough, it can be masked using this technique below.  Previously, we’ve discussed the “touch-up” subject before; once on touching up a hole on a wall and more recently, how to touch up a cracked strie. Here’s […]

Lacquer Thinner

Lacquer thinner is a high solvent like acetone.  It is extremely smelly and dries extremely fast and hard.   This particular solvent is unique because it is actually a mixture of different solvents that allow for ideal thinning and dissolving characteristics.  The combination of solvents that are used is up to the manufacturer. The thinner has […]

Real and Woodgrain Burl

To finish up the discussion on burl, I’ve collected a few images of real and woodgrain burl.  The leading image is real burl.  The next handful of pictures are woodgrain burl completed by myself. As previously discussed in the post on the definition of burl, burl is a rare find as it is a deformity […]