Salon 2016-St. Petersburg

Salon 2016

Salon 2016 was held in Russia this year in the cultural center of St. Petersburg. This annual event for the International Decorative Artisans League was hosted by Tatiana Rugers. The theme for  Salon 2016 was “Art in the City” and below is a part of a panel someone did of the city.

Art in the city theme

This was the main showroom with live demonstrations all throughout.

Main exhibit floor

Here is another view of the showroom and demonstration area-above were the artist’s working spaces.

Another view of showroom

The work spaces were a nice touch that also acted as an exhibit to showcase the panels and the artists at work. You got to see the process of how everyone there expressed their creativity.

Exhibit wall

This was my completed marble panel to show with all the others in the exhibit.

Marble panel

Here is an in-process panel that I particularly liked by the talented Paulo. It is always great getting to see another artist in their element.

Panel process

A pre-meditated color palette made before starting a panel. I don’t stress this enough when teaching classes of my own. Making a palette of the colors you will use before you begin is helpful in understanding the placement of where everything goes. It can act as sort of a reference sheet.

Color palette

She is from the Russian school of Painting. Starting out with a black base paint really popped out the light yellows and her process was incredibly quick and spontaneous.

Panel process

Some more working on their panels

Working on panels

Working on panel 2

Below is a close up from a part of Geanssna’s italian grottesca, ornamental piece. I love looking at it up close to really get to see the artists hand and color values. You can see such confident and clean brush strokes.

Close up of Trompe L'oeil

Close up

This was another perspective of people listening and watching a live painting demonstration.


Stefano Lucca giving a lecture on trompe l’oeil ornament painting in his demonstration.

Live demo

Close up of Stefano’s ornament

Stefano panel

The wonderful Pascal Amblard giving a speech at the closing ceremony on one of the last days of Salon.

Pascal speech

At the closing ceremony Tatiana Rugers ended the night thanking everyone who was able to come out and introduced the two hosts for Salon 2017.Salon 2016

Cheers to another successful year at Salon 2016 in St. Petersburg!

Looking forward to next year in New York where the two beautifully talented Arlene and Jeanne Schnupps will be hosting. AND a special thanks to the lovely Tatiana Rugers for fun-filled comradery with a bunch of fellow comrades 😉


  1. Great art! Great participants! Great location! Great Salon!
    So great you came, my friend!

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