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Shellac is a very useful tool in the decorative painter’s toolkit.  It is one of the most versatile and yet under utilized medium.  We have a small jar on every job because of it’s many uses (see below).  Shellac is one of the oldest paint mediums, used in Ancient Egyptian and Roman times as a […]

Making a plaster mold

With a this missing piece of the ceiling, this post shows how to make a plaster mold.  We don’t make a habit out of fixing plaster or making molds, but for small, spot repairs, it makes sense that we do it.   It’s always good to have skills that expand beyond painting. A small ornament was […]

Plaster molding ceiling repair

A large ornament fell from the ceiling in the gallery at the Frick Collection,  requiring a plaster molding ceiling repair.  This is PART 2  – how we affixed the ornament back in place.  See the related posts:  PART 1- Ceiling repair at Frick Collection and upcoming   PART 3 – How to make a plaster mold. […]