Switch plate covers to match embroidered fabric


Here is another small project of painting switch plate covers to match embroidered fabric on the wall.  See tile match post.

The plate was textured with a series of tinted texture using the very fine, samina chiqueteurFast-dry fluid acrylics were used with a matte medium.

need to match embroidery

Softening with a round badger between steps.

stipple texture

Don’t forget to texture the inner plate for the edges.

stipple texture

Here’s where the decorative pattern hits the plate:

finish texture

Using a piece of vellum paper, the pattern is traced with a hard, sharp pencil.

vellum paper

Use the traced area for the switch plate.

draw sketchplace on plate

On the back of the vellum, scribble the area with a soft pencil.

scribble soft pencil

Turn the design face up and carefully re-draw the pattern using a firm touch.

ouline hard pencil

The pattern appears on the plate.

transfered design

The area was painted lightly for sketching purposes.

paint outline

Using fluid acrylic colors, the fine hatching of the stitching was applied with a sable, pointed liner brush.

add stitching

It was very important that the embroidery painting was done with care as it was not possible to touch-up the background, easily.



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