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Lacquer Thinner

Lacquer thinner is a high solvent like acetone.  It is extremely smelly and dries extremely fast and hard.   This particular solvent is unique because it is actually a mixture of different solvents that allow for ideal thinning and dissolving characteristics.  The combination of solvents that are used is up to the manufacturer. The thinner has […]

Real and Woodgrain Burl

To finish up the discussion on burl, I’ve collected a few images of real and woodgrain burl.  The leading image is real burl.  The next handful of pictures are woodgrain burl completed by myself. As previously discussed in the post on the definition of burl, burl is a rare find as it is a deformity […]

Burl wood graining

Here is a quick step-by-step for burl wood graining. For a small sample like this one, I used a slow-dry glaze mixed with the same amount of matte medium.  With a domed glazing brush, I glaze on a mixture of  vandyke brown, burnt umber, and transparent iron oxide (killer color from Proceed by Golden).  Glaze […]

What is burl wood?

Burl wood can be a challenging species to woodgrain, but the results are as visually interesting as the the actual wood.  The burl is a protuberance on the side or root of the tree, a reaction of stress on the fibrous tissue. The stress can come from a wound or bruise, insect bites, virus or […]