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Mother Glaze

A “Mother Glaze” is an essential ingredient when creating faux marble, woodgraining, certain organic textures, and any other technique that involves the expressive use colors.   I’ve coined this pot of glaze as a “Mother” because it is the base for all offspring colors. For example, when creating the major veins of a marble, I create […]

Simple English Pine Woodgrain

English Pine can be a simple woodgrain to create as seen in this post.  It requires 3 wet layers to complete (not including basecoat or varnish steps).   I have used oil many times to create this finish, but today’s water mediums (like PROCEED by GOLDEN) are perfectly fine.  In this case, I used a fast […]

Job Recipe Cards

For those of you who know me or have taken a class with me, you know about my job recipe cards.  I am a stickler about these for every technique on every job.  With a completed recipe card, I’m able to know the recipe for every client who may need a touch-up or if they […]