Faux Marble Baseboard to Match a Mantel

faux marble baseboard

A fantastic way to improve a living space is to paint a faux marble baseboard to match an existing mantel.

On many interior projects that we do, there is an existing mantel that is the centerpiece of the room.  Oftentimes, the marble or stone mantel has a variety of colors and character that must be respected.

In my experience, the painted finishes on the walls and millwork must work with the mantel – especially if it is dramatic and outstanding.  One of my favorite ways to bring a marble or stone mantel into the room is to paint the baseboard to match the mantel.

On all of these pictures below, the mantel is real marble and the baseboard is painted to match.

violet breche

red griotte

Here is a work in progress.  Working on the floor is not fun, but the result is gratifying.

marble basebard in progress

These next photos are from the Getty Museum in Los Angeles.  This was a huge job for us and we did miles of faux marble baseboard.

mantel at getty museum

mantel at getty museum

I love how the painted baseboard give a visual weight to the room.  Also, it can be a lovely transition of the wall to the floor.

mantel at getty museum

At IDAL convention in Fort Worth, TX, I am teaching a faux marble baseboard class.  Students will learn up to 8 finishes that are perfect for this type of application.  See our current schedule for details.

All painted finishes are completed by my company, Grand Illusion Decorative Painting, Inc.





  1. Cait Whitson says

    I love this article, saw this done so much in historic properties inF rance, but sometimes you forget to sell a concept like this to a client, because it is out of context but it doesn’t have to just look good in an historic French property.
    Beautiful work Pierre as ever.

  2. Jeremy P Taylor says

    Beautiful matching of these different marbles ..

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