Archives for July 2014

Faux Rust Patina Door

At a showroom event in Brooklyn, we created this faux rust patina door for a captive audience.   We completed the door in less than 45 minutes.  Therefore, the materials we used were fast-drying for the purpose of re-recoating within minutes. We started with a mixture of tinted primer, Rough Regular Proceed Texture, and Keraset powder.  […]

Drop Shadow for Lettering

A drop shadow for lettering illustrates a 3-dimensional quality of an object.   When a light source is introduced, the drop shadow falls on the opposite side. The drop shadow is usually a much darker color than the letter, in order to create a contrast. However, if the letters are dark, a lighter color can […]

Exterior sign painting in Soho

Back to my roots!  I started as a sign painter and I thoroughly enjoy this sort of work.  This was a great job my crew and I had the pleasure of doing in Soho this spring. My task was to re-create the exact sign that was previously existing and damaged.  This is the finished work. […]