Wood Graining Class in NYC

students learn woodgraining

I just finished my latest NYC session of a 3-day wood graining class. We had scheduled one and the demand was so high, we added a second class right after. I enjoyed the students, but after a solid week of teaching, I’m wiped out!

lecture and demonstration

I’m sure all students walked away with an intense amount of knowledge. As usual, I try to fit it all in and gently force my students into my “boot camp” style of teaching. We were putting in very full days and I’m sure the students wished they had more time. We decided to add Oak to the curriculum, which made 5 samples the students completed (mahogany, walnut, burl, tiger maple, and oak).

Each student spent some hours practicing techniques on these boards. We used a beer glaze so we could wipe off and start again.

practice drawing hearts

Each student received 5, pre-painted boards to create their panels.

student sample boards

Students are practicing moiré’s.

practice boards

Students practicing flogging.

practice flogging

There’s so much to know about woodgraining. Here I’m giving a lecture on mixing the right glaze for your project.

medium lecture

Students are starting the tiger maple which has a powerful impact, right from the start.

students practice

My burl lecture and demonstration.

burl demo

The walnut figure is probably the most challenging part of the class.  That’s why it was good to practice first.

walnut figure

walnut blending

My pickled oak demonstration.

oak demo

These classes were very successful.  Thanks to all the dedicated, patient, and focused students!  After I take a bit of a break, I hope to list some new classes soon.

happy class!

If you are interested in taking a NYC class with Pierre Finkelstein, please send us an email at info@pfinkelstein.com.  Tell us what subjects you would like to learn.


  1. Joseph Hernandez says

    I am very interested in taking wood graining classes and Marbling classes please let me know when you will be having classes in NYC again. Thanks

  2. I was wondering if you would ever come to Chicago to teach a wood graining class?

    thanks for the newsletters, they are great.


  3. Judith Glick-Ehrenthal says

    Any faux painting class you teach in NYC
    Hope it can be soon! Even if I took wood grain I would repeat for refresh!

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