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sculpture repair and aging

Our recent project of repairing this sculpture and aging it, was an example of an ODD JOB.  The finished look is very raw and unfinished.  The fragile plaster head was shattered in a recent move. Our job was to put humpty dumpty back together again.  This was the photo we had to go by: I […]

Proper paint preparation for millwork

Here is the proper paint preparation that I spec for millwork.  This is especially important for wood graining. 1) Medium to fine sanding (depending on the substrate) followed by a good dusting and vacuuming. Repair the most obvious nicks, scratches, and nail holes with a hard spackle compound. 2)  2 coats of oil based primer, […]

Wood Graining Class in NYC

I just finished my latest NYC session of a 3-day wood graining class. We had scheduled one and the demand was so high, we added a second class right after. I enjoyed the students, but after a solid week of teaching, I’m wiped out! I’m sure all students walked away with an intense amount of […]