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History of the Decorative Painter – Part 2

Here is the second part of the series of the History of the Decorative Painter.  During the 17-19th centuries, the craft of decorative painting deserves the title as “The age of Enlightenment” as it exploded in popularity along with fantastic technological advancements that would shape the artisan trade as we know it. 17th & 18th […]

History of the Decorative Painter – Part 1

These next few posts are dedicated to the history of the Decorative Painter Artisan.  This covers the first part of history which finishes at the end of the Renaissance. Many of you already know some of the highlighted times of the “artist” in history (i.e.  Renaissance, Romanticism, Modern Art era’s).  But these next few posts […]

American College of the Building Arts

At the end March, 2014, I attended the American College of the Building Arts annual festival in Charleston, SC.  My friend and fellow decorative artisan, Patrick Webb invited me down to visit and give a few lectures to students.  Patrick is an instructor of plaster works and asked me to teach his students about my […]

Tying a belt rag

The best solution to dirty pants is tying a belt rag to your painter’s pants.  My crew always wears a uniform of white, painter’s pants and a company t-shirt.  I strongly prefer that my employees don’t use their uniform as a rag to wipe their hands. Therefore, often we tie a quick cotton rag to […]