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Blue Faux Oak Wood Graining

One of our NYC designers had a client from Nantucket who wanted a blue faux oak wood graining. Here is the finished product.  Looks like oak, right?  The fact that they wanted blue gave me a license for a little creativity when it came to some of the graining, but it is important that it […]


Show me your best faux oak!  Replicating OAK with paint is a challenge for the decorative painter. DEADLINE:  April 30, 2014 The winner of the contest will receive $50 gift certificate from and a feature post in the PF blog.  Runner ups may also receive honorable mention on the PF blog and our social […]

Steps for Oak wood graining

Here are the basic steps for oak wood graining, although every job is different.  Oak is completed in only 2 layers of glazing, in most cases.  The tool and brushwork are very technical, so practice makes perfect.  In this job and most oak wood graining projects, I use acrylic slow-dry glaze and colorants. This is […]

Oak Wood Graining Tools

Here are the oak wood graining tools and brushes needed for most faux oak projects. Brushes: Domed glazing brush (size 2 or 4) Pointed glazing brush (size 0 or 2) Spalter (s 100) Tooth Spalter (size 40 and 80) Stiff detail brush (medium to small size) Badger brush (square or round) Water varnishing brushes (oval […]

Oak wood

Oak is a common species of wood that is replicated using faux bois techniques. With over 300 species of oak worldwide, oak can be found in most climates.  At one time, oak was the most prevalent species and also one of the longest-lived species in European forests, often enduring for many centuries. Oak’s extreme hardness, […]