The Painter’s Palette

how to load paintere's palette

How the painter’s palette is organized can make a difference in efficiency for the decorative painter.

Use a consistent arrangement to organize the colors on your palette:  Place the white in the upper left-hand corner, then align warm colors in a row to its right, and cool colors in a column below it.  Keep a palette cup filled with glaze by the thumb hole.

Of course, if you’re a lefty, you’d flip this organization to suit you.

Here are some palette’s of interest.

oil marble paintere's palette
Marble in oil

breche paintere's palette
Breche marble palette

trompe l'oeil paintere's palette
Ornamentation palette of tonalities

green campan paintere's palette
Mini palette for adding fissures for Green Campan marble

woodgrain painter's palette
Oil woodgrain palette for mahogany

style painter's palette
The power of the palette! This one’s a bit all over the place, but the overall look is stylish!



  1. Janie Gulick says


    Wonderful tutorial, that palette set should be intuitive, but I sometimes get caught up in the painting and paint goes all over the place.

  2. I love all of your posts ,tips, opportunities to study…everything….. But I can’t really partake as there is basically no demand for this type of work here in Vancouver. I have been running ads on several levels for 10 years and not a single call even to decorate a toothpick!! But I love the craft!!!

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