Matte Fluid Acrylics

Matte fluid acrylics are artist-grade paints that work extremely well for countless uses in my shop.  Because they are fluid, they mix well with paint, mediums, and even textures.  But, the coolest thing is the MATTE version of fluid acrylics, which delivers a very ideal sheen.  GOLDEN Artist Colors, Inc. has the best product, in my opinion.

Scientifically:  The vehicle in an acrylic paint consists of tiny beads of a synthetic acrylic resin (the binder) dispersed in water (the solvent).  As the water evaporates the resin binder oxidizes, creating hard, flexible, and usually opaque finish.

Depending on its thickness, an acrylic paint film will dry in about 15 minutes and cure in as little as 30 minutes, permitting rapid recoating and reglazing.  Once dry, acrylic paints are irreversible but can be removed with denatured alcohol, lacquer thinner, or acetone.   Acrylics are usually very stable, adhere well to both interior and exterior surfaces and almost never yellow with age.

The Matte Fluid Acrylics produce a wonderful, chalky finish that the satin or gloss versions don’t.   Check out some of these works done with MFA’s.

old style wood finish

chalky ceiling ornament

marble baseboard

pilaster trompe l'oeil

painted marble and tl

Next week, we’ll talk about the basic colors needed in your acrylic paint kit for every job!

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  1. Great post Pierre, I also love Golden Fluid Acrylics. Sometimes I just want that fast drying advantage, especially if the job is over an hour away. Right tool for the right job aye?
    BTW, I also love the “Newsletter” I get from you, keep it coming!

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