Suspended Spray Project


This week we had an interesting suspended frame project in our small shop in NYC.  These are actually stair railings for a 1940’s staircase in Soho.  There are 30 pieces in total – 15 black frames and 15 yellow mesh pieces.

Unsprayed frames

The frames were suspended so they could be sprayed on all sides.


All pieces were delivered to us primed.  We gave a good sanding before starting the first coat.


sprayed frames

After first coat

drying frames

We had to utilize our hallway for extra hanging capabilities.

sanded finish

Sanding after the first coat.  A ton of sanding and dusting on this project.

hanging frames

After second coat of black on the frames.

negative air machine

We used a negative air machine to exhaust the fumes.

shop spraying

taped mesh

The yellow side was 100% sealed with tape, as the opposite side was sprayed black.

finished railing

Finished piece.

gateway to hell

Entrance to the spray booth- Enter at your own risk!

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