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Suspended Spray Project

This week we had an interesting suspended frame project in our small shop in NYC.  These are actually stair railings for a 1940’s staircase in Soho.  There are 30 pieces in total – 15 black frames and 15 yellow mesh pieces. The frames were suspended so they could be sprayed on all sides. All pieces […]

Salon 2014- Seattle

Join Pierre at Salon 2014- Seattle.  Our good friend and fellow painter, Cathy Conner is hosting this year’s annual, international event.  Among her many talents as a decorative painter, Cathy puts on a great party!  Contact Cathy to become a participant or come as a guest and watch some of the best decorative painters perform […]

World Cup Fever

An interview with Pierre Finkelstein about World Cup fever: What are your favorite teams: USA, France, England, Holland, Sweden, Japan Least favorite? Argentina & Brazil Which team jerseys do you have? USA, France, Sweden, Japan, Italy, Brazil ( a gift but I never wear it) Favorite player? Johan Cruyff of Holland Goalies in general because […]

How To Surgically Patch A Hole

Learning how to surgically patch a hole over a decorative finish is an invaluable skill.   In this post, I’ll show you how to patch a ding, divot, or in this case, a pretty major scar in the finish.   How to mix the correct color to camouflage the patch – that’s another post. Tools needed:   2 […]


Who loves sanding?  Not me!   Probably nobody really loves to sand, which is why this crucial step gets skipped or done with partial effort.  Maybe your client won’t notice how sanding between steps has effected the overall decorative finish, but if you’re a professional, you should be able to see and feel the difference. When […]

NYC high-school students learn about decorative painting

On December 3, 2013, Pierre taught an introductory decorative painting class for a handful of local NYC inner-city high school students. Raison Pure NYC L’Orangerie (RPNYC L’Orangerie) is a foundation dedicated to helping inner-city high school students discover design and craftsmanship beyond the classroom, thereby inspiring them with career choices otherwise unimagined.  read more … […]

Dusting Brush

On every job, there is always a dusting brush.  Even the smallest touch-up job requires a tool to properly dust and prepare a surface.   This is a visually thankless step of the professional painter, but absolutely crucial.   I demand that my entire crew understands the importance of dusting immediately prior to any wet application. We […]

Japan Drier

Japan drier is a chemical used to aggressively speed up the dry time of oil-based paint and glaze. The drying process is actually a chemical reaction that produces an organic plastic when mixed with a drying oil. These driers are derived by ions of certain metals such as: cobalt, iron, or manganese and prepared as […]