Taping an inside corner

Learn how we tape an inside corner.  This system works for any 90 degree area.  It’s especially useful when taping panes of glass.

taping a perfect cornerstart taping one side

Using ONE piece of tape, stretch out your first line.  Leave over 2 inches of extra tape at the corner.

flatten tape

burnishing the tape

Use a credit card as a burnisher to flatten the inside edge of the tape.

line up painters tool at corner

Use a 5-way (5 in one painters tool) to make the cut.  Line up the point of the tool in the corner.

prepare to cut tape

Rip the tape with a strong hand – parallel to the blade.

rip tape to make corner

start second strip of tape

Run the second strip – keep that 2 inch extra at the corner!

prepare tool for second tape

rip second strip

perfect corner

Crisp, professional, accurate, and secure.

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taping a corner finished


  1. oh god, you are so clever, bravo

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