Tucson Sunshine Climate Club Sign Painted Poster

sign painting poster

This summer of 2013,  I was commissioned to paint for a new burger bar opening in downtown Tucson, AZ.  Good Oak Bar (facebook page) was looking for an interior design that reflects the authentic city of Tucson along with the authentic menu of local fare.  Along with the sign painted poster you’ll see here, we painted an over-sized mural along the restaurant wall (to be posted later).

sign painting poster design

With the help of my son, we designed this poster on photoshop.

sign painting poster- basepaint

I painted this work entirely in my NYC shop.  It’s painted on cambric canvas.

sign painting poster- basepaint 02

Here we blocked out the background colors.

sign painting poster- projector

To transfer the artwork, I used a projector and my laptop.

sign painting poster- projection

sign painting poster- transfer

I transferred the basic design of the mural portion.  The lettering was done later.

sign painting poster- color scheme

Color study. And then we’re ready to paint the mural.

sign painting poster- paint 01

sign painting poster- paint 02

sign painting poster- paint 03

sign painting poster- paint 04

sign painting poster - lettering

We created a pounce pattern for the lettering.

sign painting poster- pounce

sign painting poster- pounced

sign painting poster- sign painting

Using a lettering brush, I start painting.  Notice how I go past the line at the ends – after I’m done blocking out the letters, it’s easier to just paint the tips with black using a striping edge.

sign painting poster- sign painting 2

sign painting poster- sign painting 3

Sign painting was thought to be a lost art – I’m bringing it back, one stroke at a time!

sign painting poster- sign painting 4

sign painting poster- brushes used

sign painting poster- sign painting 5

sign painting poster- glaze

After I finished, we aged the poster with a raw umber/ raw sienna glaze.

sign painting poster- age

Additionally, a sand through was just the ticket for a final aging.

sign painting poster - aging

sign painting poster - final touches

When I arrived in Arizona, I adjusted the color of the sign.

sign painting poster - pierre


  1. Rick Sheets says

    Thanks for the posting this. I love the nod to the WPA style of art. Thanks too for laying out the prick and pounce method of transfer.

  2. patrice kreitz says

    salut mon pierro tu es magnifique les brosses à la main mais tu as pris un petit coup de vieux bref j ai su que tu venais à Versailles chez jean sablé mais comme d habitude tu ne penses pas à nous rendre visite pour faire un petit coucou j espere que tout va bien ainsi que ta famille gros bisous sur tes lèvres roses pat et nat

  3. Pierre this job is the type of work that I really enjoy doing. Its captures graphic design as well as sign painting…..love it!!! Thanks for sharing and painting that mimics silkscreen.

  4. It’s great seeing your process on this project, Pierre. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Nice work! Great composition and style

  6. From one sign painter to another, nice job my friend!

  7. From one sign painter to another, nice job my friend

  8. From one sign painter to another, nice job!

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