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Show me your best painted medallion!  Rendering a profiled, circular object is a great challenge and exercise for a decorative painter. I have a specific way of creating my trompe l’oeil effects (see my step-by-step post).  I have also seen many different styles and approaches that are successful. Show me how you do it!

The winner of the contest will receive $100 gift certificate from and a feature post in the PF blog.  Runner ups may also receive honorable mention on the PF blog and our social media marketplace. The winner will have their personal bio featured as well as their spotlighted entry. Winners are welcome to use the PF blog for their own personal marketing efforts.

 Official Rules of the Medallion Contest:

1. Please submit all entries via email. (Digital entries only, please.)
Email us at:
Subject: Medallion Contest

2. The preferred entry would include photos of the step-by-step, however, this is not necessary to win. Submissions should contain no less than 3 images and no more than 8 images.

3. Images should be at least 1000 pixels wide but no more than 1500.

4. The ideal array of images would include:
– At least one close-up
– A few of the room / environment.

Please note, the quality of the images are very important when judging each entry. All digital pictures entered are subject to promotional and marketing efforts in relation to this contest and future contests of the PF blog. Your name will be footnoted as the artist, when applicable.

5. Please provide your name, company, location, and number of years in the business.

6. Each entry MUST provide a brief written description of the project including:
– Materials used
– Medium
– Sources and influences
– The time it took you to complete.

Any additional information can greatly improve your chances.  All levels are encouraged to apply.

7. You may submit up to two entries for this contest.  Please submit your own work – be honest.  Credit anyone who may have assisted you on the project.


Pierre Finkelstein will judge the entries without bias towards former students and colleagues. Entries will be judged on skill, style, use of color, degree of difficulty, design, and overall success of the finished product.

Contest entries MUST be submitted no later than NOVEMBER 1, 2013
Winners will be contacted by November 15, 2013


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