Vinegar is a mild acid that is used in cooking and household cleaning.  Decorative painters can find it hepful when using lime paint.

A thinner for lime paint:  When you mix lime paint with latex/acrylic paint, it will thicken quickly.  Instead of adding water, add a little vinegar.  It will bring down the ph level by adding acid, thus reverting the mixture to a liquid.

Jobsite safety:  If you get lime in your eye or you find your hands itching or hurting from handling lime, use white vinegar to relieve the pain.  FOR EYES, water down the vinegar, substantially.

Colonial graining:  Vinegar can act as a low-viscosity binder for certain woodgrain techniques.


  1. Oh please help!
    I used Krylon Triple-Thick Crystal Clear Glaze, 0500 (acrylic) & instead should have used matte sealant on my matte acrylic painted wood project. Could heated vinegar (apple cider? white?) be generously & gently washed on (for how long?) to bring down the high gloss sheen – then rinsed off WITHOUT leaving a milky/cloudy finish once dry?

  2. peter allerton says

    Nice…have a project in bermuda and will use this

  3. Great tips again.
    Thank you.

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