Faux Marble Columns in Japan (Part 3 of 3)

Pierre sits

This is the final part (see part 1, part 2) of my Japan visit.  I’m finishing up the 3 marble columns with a fairly simple overglazing step.  Finishing with a few coats of acrylic gloss varnish.  Lastly, I made some quick white marble panels for Moo.

3 header

Step 3:  Use a transparent glaze break up the fissures from step 2.  My new favorite brush is the samina, 3-headed brecher for marble.   You can also use a 2 headed brecher for the same effect.  Soften the veins.   I used a rag to wipe off the marks that were beyond the fissures.

sexy brush

sexy brush!

finished with varnish

Finished step


After 2 coats of water gloss varnish

3 panels

The white marble project:  Moo gave me these 3 panels that will be placed behind glass.   Sorry, the light is not great in these shots.





after veining

Finished veining

over glaze



Flaming and more chiqueteuring

finished white

Added fragmenting

japanese brushes

Last stop at a paint store – kind of like a home depot.   Japanese spalters

japanese tapes

So many tapes to choose from- concrete to delicate.


Goodbye Japan!






  1. Great read, lots of fun. And fabulous work, of course!
    Ditto Lynne Rutter, the pants are uber cool.

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