My trip to Japan (Part I of 3)

moo and selena

In May 2013, I went on a voyage to Japan.  I was already scheduled to participate in Salon in Tokyo, so I decided to contact my friend, Moo.  Here he is with his assistant, Selena.

me and moo

Moo owns Moo Studios in Utsunomiya, Japan.  I proudly remember him as a former student.  He has found great success in decorating Japanese theme parks with his bold finishes and 3-D creations.  Moo hired me for a few days to marbleize some columns for a building he’s renovating.

taking criticism in Japan

In New York, I made a few samples based on his interests. Here I’m discussing the space with him for the first time.

my 2 cents

new sample

I made another sample for him on site. He wanted less green and more of a fantasy marble.

another sample

Then I made another sample with more orange.  Taking the time to make a good sample is important.  For the full step by step, look for part 2 and 3.

moo van

Moo’s van is sweet!

hard hat

Safety first!

good hat

Good student, Moo-san

uniform store

I’m big on uniforms in my company. Why not go shopping, Japanese-style?

japan style

me in whites

Painters white’s

samurai painter

I settled on the samurai look – full gears

girls love me

Good service with a smile.  Thanks to my new friends at Nikko.


carousel sushi

Sushi on a carousel.  Better than it sounds.


Eventually, I got back to working

moo studio

We stopped by Moo’s studio

moo staff

Some of the staff

Next 2 parts feature the painting part of my trip …




  1. I NEED A PAIR… but wait – I might need more room at the top than the bottom. I (Karen) NEED a PAIR too, but I’d like to order mine with more room at the bottom and less on the top. They’re so YOU!

  2. You looked perfect in your Japanese worker clothes. I wish they made those pants a bit longer; they are really cool!

  3. Beautifull work as usual.
    Looks like a nice trip through Japan.

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