International Salon 2013 – Tokyo, Japan

1-Pierre Finkelstein Tokyo

This May 23-26, I attended the annual International Salon event for Decorative Painting.  The group gathers every year at a different location each year.  This year, the event was brought to Tokyo, Japan.  First time in the East!  2-Pierre Finkelstein Tokyo

Interior of the space 3-Pierre Finkelstein Salon Tokyo

With my friend Moo Saito (Moo Studios -Utsonomiya, Japan) in front of my panel

4-Pierre Finkelstein Tokyo

Host Yaeko’s staff working on a classic Japanese screen with a taux gold leaf technique
5-Pierre Finkelstein Tokyo

6-Pierre Finkelstein Tokyo

Biggest US sponsor of the event (year after year): Golden Artist Colors, Inc.
7-Pierre Finkelstein Tokyo

The annual group mural in it’s finished state.  The theme is East Meets West.
8-Pierre Finkelstein Tokyo

9-Pierre Finkelstein Tokyo

The designers and coordinators of the group mural: MarieVanesse and Michiel van de Laar.
10-Pierre Finkelstein Tokyo

The youth adore me

11-Pierre Finkelstein Tokyo

We had a lesson on traditional Japanese tea service 12-Pierre Finkelstein Tokyo

Also a lesson on Kabuki face painting 13-Pierre Finkelstein Tokyo

Some of spotlight panels from other participants:  Stefano Luca (Italy)
14-Pierre Finkelstein Tokyo

I’m a big Stefano fan!

15-Pierre Finkelstein Tokyo

Julien Gautier (France)  has a great hand with trompe l’oeil.
16-Pierre Finkelstein Tokyo

Caterina Manisco created this awesome, detailed panel that fit in her suitcase – exactly.
17-Pierre Finkelstein Tokyo

Jean Sablé hard at work.
19-Pierre Finkelstein Tokyo

I’m starting my “eastern woods” panel for demonstration 20-Pierre Finkelstein Salon Tokyo

21-Pierre Finkelstein Salon Tokyo

Finished panel
22-Pierre Finkelstein Salon Tokyo

Our friend Selena

23-Pierre Finkelstein Salon Tokyo

A selection of Salon events from the past.  2014 Salon will take place in Seattle, WA.
24-Pierre Finkelstein Salon Tokyo

Yaeko Kurimata (Faux Arts Design) and her hardworking staff made Salon 2013 a truly memorable experience.  Peace!

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  1. wonderful pic!! I didn’t know you were taking my pic…..
    I also fad great time with you guys;>

  2. It seemed the bar was set high this year! The panels are incredible.

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