Skewer for metal leaf

Verb: to skewer.  Not just for making kabobs!  In decorative painting, skewering is the act of removing the lap mark of excess leaf from your freshly gilded surface.  Using soft brush for skewering is crucial, as metal leaf will scratch easily.

Pierre Finkelstein skewer-1

Before skewering …

Pierre Finkelstein skewer-2

Skewering in process.  See also a video post on the full gilding of this sample.

Pierre Finkelstein skewer tools

Use a soft brush like a Gilder’s Mop or Chiqueteur to remove the leaf.


After skewering.



  1. nice! We sometimes call it “angling off” because you want to break the seam of the leaf at an angle, to prevent tearing. Another great use for the chiqueteur, because it’s so soft and nice and flat on top

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