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Oeil de boeuf

Oeil de boeuf: in English, “eye of the steer”, “bull’s eye”, “ox eye” – these are all common translations. This architectural detail is defined as a small, round or oval window.  Furthermore, it is usually placed in an attic space. Today, this style of window is seen all over the world, but it originated in […]

Versailles Palace from a decorative painter’s eye: Real ornament

Exterior marble White Carrera, vein-less.  You can really see the effect of rain over the years – see the rounding of the carvings. This is a classic, super ornate ceiling.  Typical of 19th c and created under Louis Philippe. Notice the trompe l’oeil door. There’s amazing detail achieved in this 18th c, Louis XVI ornament. […]


Acetone is a colorless and flammable solvent.  It is used mostly for printing, dry cleaning, and nail polish remover.  It is very smelly and powerful. In decorative painting, common uses are: A cleaning agent for brushes (use a cloth wet with acetone to clean dried paint).  Do not soak brushes in acetone for an extended […]

Versailles Palace from a decorative painter’s eye: Faux Marble

I absolutely love the execution of this faux marble!  On this wainscot, Red and Mixed Campan form a dazzling composition.  A very assured and technical panel.   Notice the color shift from pink to burgundy – and the pink transition off the green.  Painted in the mid 19th c in oil. Green Antique breccia mantle – […]

Skewer for metal leaf

Verb: to skewer.  Not just for making kabobs!  In decorative painting, skewering is the act of removing the lap mark of excess leaf from your freshly gilded surface.  Using soft brush for skewering is crucial, as metal leaf will scratch easily. Before skewering … Skewering in process.  See also a video post on the full […]

Versailles Palace from a decorative painter’s eye: Gilding

22K, oil size surface leaf on the gate of the Palace of Versailles.  Notice the background palace with gilded roof done with same gold.  There are several million dollar worth of gold in the gilding at the palace.  Remember: real gold is an inalterable material (it does not oxidize or rust) and therefore,  perfect for […]

3-day Faux Marble Class at Golden Artist Colors, Inc.

April 26-29, 2013.  The first class held at Golden Artist Colors in New Berlin, NY – finally happened.   Nestled in UPSTATE, NY, the factory is amongst rolling hills and country roads. The class was sold out.  16 students gathered from around the country to learn the challenging skill of veining and much, much more. The […]