Reference book: Identifying Marblemarblemarlbe

After just getting back from teachIdentifying Marbleing a class on faux marble, this book has been on my mind.   I used it as reference when mixing all of my colors.  If you decide to invest in this book, you will be reaching for this indispensable reference book over and over again.

It contains over 160 different varieties of real marble, each with a full page color photos and accompanied by geographic and historic information. This book is a must-have for the professional decorative painter.

  • High quality photographs featuring close-up views of real marble makes for an excellent color reference.
  • An excellent tool to select marble with clients and designers.
  • Full page color plates of each of the 164 varieties of real marble; make color copies for professional layout presentations.
  • Contains important geographic, historic, and scientific information for each variety.

303 pages, Text is English translation from original French.

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Here are some examples of what you can expect:

Reference - marble







  1. Michael Lawrence says

    Hi Pierre,
    My name is Michael n lm a graphics designer however, of late l had developed a great interest on faux marbling n l just had my first basic 1-day introduction training in London late last year but l feel like l need more help.
    Seeing ur book “ldentifying Marble” on ur website was a great joy l would like to find out if it had step-by-step guide to the marbling projects if not can u plz recommend a book that will be of help, hope to hear from u soon n remember to keep up the great works for they are brilliant.

    • Pierre Finkelstein says

      Hi Michael,
      Thank you so much for the kind words. We appreciate your support. The book Identifying Marble is mostly large photos of real marble. If you are looking for a book that has step-by-step tutorial or instructions, I have two recommendations. The first is Faux Marble by Pierre Lefumat (the code is VL-24), the link is, which has step-by-step as well as photos of Pierre Lefumat’s own work. The second is Art and Techniques of Decorative Painting by Michel Nadai (the code is VL-1), which has tutorials on faux marble as well as other types of decorative painting including woodgraining, ornamentation, and perspective. I hope this is helpful to you, and good luck in your studies!

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