“Flaming” for Faux Marble

Example of Flaming


Technique of adding transparent ‘flames’ or ‘fringes’ running across (generally) main veins and Breche.

This technique is performed with a CHIQUETEUR, SINGLE, or DOUBLE HEAD BRECHER usually after a final overglaze and fragments have been applied.

There are two ways of flaming as a method of adding depth and diffusing strong veins.  The first way is adding white flames over dark veins (still transparent, even though it’s white).  Here are 4 examples:

example 2

Example 3

example 4

example 5

The second way of flaming is by adding a transparent dark color over a light veins.  Here are 3 examples:

example 6Black and Gold example 7

example 8

The man himself



  1. Your work is absolutely beautiful! I wish I could send you pics of my work? Oh, I just saw your email. I will send some to you.
    David Bell

  2. that’s my “flaming ” move!!

  3. Steve Shriver says

    Nice action pose there Pierre!

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