Pierre Finkelstein

Quill is the feather of a goose or duck used as a ferrule to make fine decorative painting brushes.  The process of assembly is labor-intensive and done by hand.  Machines cannot produce this traditionally.

They are preferred because the quill does not break the delicate hairs, as the edge of a metal ferrule sometimes does.

Also, a wire-tied quill ferrule can be tied much tighter than a machine crimped metal one.  Therefore, you have the ability to use longer and a larger amount of hairs in the brush.  Because of it’s expensive material and labor, quill brushes are saved for the most delicate and professional tools.

It is also possible to fix a brush or alter its shape easily with quill than a factory-made metal ferrule.


A chiquetuer brush demands a larger quill

Pierre Finkelstein

The pointed 3-header for marble has 3 individual quills neatly tucked into the wooden brush

Pierre Finkelstein quill

Smaller ones

Pierre Finkelstein sable 2 header

Sable 2-header for marblePierre Finkelstein Brechers

Brechers for marble

Pierre Finkelstein Round Badger

The round badger – ultimate brush for softening

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