Gum Arabic

Gum Arabic is a useful tool in your kit. Proper brush care will pay off, big time.  Not only will your brushes last longer, but you will save yourself frustration with deformed tools.  If fine brushes are not shaped, they can dry in a position that can make them unusable for your detail work, lettering, or striping.

The process is simple, but it takes discipline.

Buy high-quality Gum Arabic (the smallest bottle is plenty).

Pierre Finkelstein using Gum arabic

make your Gum Arabic last by cutting it down with water

Pierre Finkelstein using Gum arabic

Dip your brush in the solution

Pierre Finkelstein using Gum arabic

Shape the brush with your fingers.

Leave to dry in a safe place

Gum Arabic is reversible so just wet the brush to remove the solution.

Be a true professional – take pride in your tools!


  1. But what is difference between Gum arabic and Gum acacia, is it the same???

    • Pierre Finkelstein says

      very similar , acacia come from the Acacia tree, and is probably a bit more expensive, but both are reversible

  2. rian milligan says

    Simple when you know how and why. Solves my prob of miss shapen well cleaned dried out brushes.. does th job and reversable to what the brushes should be like for reuse when needed., Fab.

    Now in my, new orders book.


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