pierre finkelstein chiqueteur brush

The chiqueteur brush is used to create texture in faux marble.  When replicating marble with paint, you need a background layer that gives a feeling of texture and color.  This is the perfect brush for that.  It is made of natural fiber and can used in both oil and water mediums.  Sure, you can use a sea sponge for a similar look, but there is no substitution for the chiqueteur, if you are serious about creating faux marble on any surface.  Check out this video and see how to use this fabulous brush!

To learn more or to purchase this brush, click here.


  1. steve bellanca says

    Bought your book, Art of Faux. Loved it. You became my mentor and the book, my Bible. Perfected it. Taught myself how to do 10 more other marbles using your techniques. I always wanted to see you doing a technique, but too poor to afford the classes. Mice to see you on video. Confirms what I learned was correct.

  2. Pierrie,
    Do you know of a larger size chiqueteur brush? I paint large size walls. A small size would come in handy but on walls a much larger size like 5″ or 6″ would make glazing large wall much easier. I think?

    Thanks for the opportunity to post comment,
    Jeff Woods

    • Pierre Finkelstein says

      The biggest size we have is a size ten. It’s not too much bigger than the size 8. On a really large wall, i would use a combination of a worn in sea sponge and the chiqueteur.


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