Andre-Charles Boulle

Andre-Charles Boulle was arguably the best cabinet-maker, chiseler, and marqueter of his time. His 18th century works were specialized for King Louis XIV and displayed in the Palace de Versailles. He created complex inlayed designs using wood, bronze, and organic materials such as tortoise shell. The close-up photos give an enormous amount of information of ornamentation details. As an added feature, included are detailed outlines of a few patterns – ready to copy and paint. This is a wonderful, historical depiction of Mr. Boulle’s life work.

  • Reference book of the works of Mr. Boulle
  • bi-fold and tri-fold patterns outlined for use
  • Furniture restorers and antique dealers will love this book
  • 206 pages – 70% drawings, full-color photos
  • French Text Only
  • Written by Pierre Ramond
  • Click here to purchase.
  • Andre-Charles Boulle - Book

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