The Flogger

flogger brush

The flogger  is used to create the background “woodsy texture” of many of the most common woods.  The whipping motion creates an organic pattern that mimics wood pores. This is an essential tool in the the woodgrainer’s kit. When the technique of using the flogger is mastered, it’s a quick money maker when used as a simple wood glazing.  Click here to read more or buy the Flogger.  But first, watch this quick video and see how it’s used.


  1. Sandy Willison says

    Thanks for sharing!!

  2. jeff Vaughn says


    great demo on floging techniques . How have you been ? I am now back to training indvidual painters and drywall finishers in La s Vegas . been a while since having you and Sean at IUPAT summer training conferences I will be sharing your blog with all of apprentices in Las vegas
    keep up the good work . You are a great instuctor and break down techniques so layman can understand .

    Jeff A Vaughn

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