Turtle Step-by-Step

Turtle Ornament- step-by-step-1

This turtle step-by-step will be a 3, maybe 4- part series of a panel I did for the International event for decorative painters called SALON.  This particular gathering was in Hamburg, Germany and the theme was “the harbor”.

Turtle Ornament- step-by-step-transfer

Here is the design that was transferred with transfer paper.  The design was blown up first on my copy machine.

 Turtle Ornament- step-by-step-transfer design

First, block in the color with care to honor your sketch lines.  This tone could be considered my “half-tone”.

 Turtle Ornament- step-by-step-base details

Turtle Ornament- step-by-step-base details-2

Start in with the “accent” color.

 Turtle Ornament- step-by-step- accent
Continuing throughout the turtle, I’m careful not to get too dark.

 Turtle Ornament- step-by-step-redhilte

By adding a redder tone, the dark areas pop with life.

 Turtle Ornament- step-by-step-outline

Using a short, pointed brush, I start lining the shell.

 Turtle Ornament- step-by-step-fish limbs

The process begins again for the limbs

Turtle Ornament- step-by-step-close up

Turtle Ornament- step-by-step-finished

Here is the entire finished panel.  Stay tuned for the other parts.

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