Distressed Stone Frames

The client had 2 pieces of art going into these frames.  Here is a picture of them finished.

First, I distressed the hand-made frames.

I used a stiff palette knife for one distressing tool.


… and the control sample as my second tool – whatever works!

I primed the frames with a tinted dark primer.  Here, we are applying a texture coat.


We do this twice with the aggregated base coat using a well-used, pointed glazing brush size 2.

Here is a close-up of the tex coat.  See the fine stipple texture.

First glazing.  Apply with a pointed glazing brush size 4.  I used Acrylic Glazing Medium and Matte Medium for my glaze since it is such a small area.

 After the frame was glazed, I added tonality from a palette.  Using the samina chiqueteur brush, I added well-blended tones of paynes gray, burnt umber, and van dyke brown.

The samina chiqueteur gets way in the crevices.


The piece is dry and sanded.

Now, a second glaze is applied much like the first glazing.  Using the same mother glaze everywhere, add stronger colors with a pointed glazing brush, size 0.  In this step, I added yellow ochre.

It looks intense in this picture.


Using a small codtail, the colors are quickly melted away while the colors still show through.


Final finesse achieved with a dry samina chiqueteur.


Finished product.



  1. how wonderful. an artisan for sure. A+++++++

  2. eli mackewich says

    I followed your directions with an old beat up frame that I loved but it was way too ugly to use. It Looks FANTASTIC….. thanks….eli

  3. Did you add a protective finish to the frames? If so I assume it was matte or satin? pag

  4. Laura Love Heckman says

    Absolutely beautiful work…A true artist!!!

  5. Your finished product is beautiful however your instructions aren’t detailed enough…..what is the texture coat? Do you buy it premade or do you make it? What exactly is aggregated base coat? Next question..are the glazes clear or colored glazes and where do you find acrylic and matte glazes? After sanding you glaze again or you add your second coat of tonal coloration? I’d really like to create this stone look so would appreciate better instructions and materials list added

  6. how do you make the frames themselves?

  7. THESE ARE FANTASTIC! I was curious what products you used for the white texture coats?

  8. Loved the frames are those for sale?

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