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Fissures in Marble

Fissures are the ‘cracks’ that occur a few thousand years after the marble is formed. These veins can run in a different direction than the marble and are often white. To see more on painting marble, click here.

Turtle Step-by-Step

This turtle step-by-step will be a 3, maybe 4- part series of a panel I did for the International event for decorative painters called SALON.  This particular gathering was in Hamburg, Germany and the theme was “the harbor”. Here is the design that was transferred with transfer paper.  The design was blown up first on […]

Breche marble

Breche (breccia) marble is a type of marble in which angular fragments of various sizes and colors are embedded. The greatly random gaps between the fragments are the breche. Marble breching is the action of painting the ‘filled gaps’ surrounding the fragments. When painting breche marble, you always paint the breche and the fragments fall […]

Distressed Stone Frames

The client had 2 pieces of art going into these frames.  Here is a picture of them finished. First, I distressed the hand-made frames. I used a stiff palette knife for one distressing tool.   … and the control sample as my second tool – whatever works! I primed the frames with a tinted dark […]


Butterflies is a term used for identifying a natural occurrence in wood.  The formation of a “butterfly” happens when sap accumulates below and around knots and other wood stress points. They often take the shape of butterflies. This look is obtained with a softener like our BADGER BRUSH or a SPALTER. On a glazed surface, […]


Satin-like, semi-transparent ‘ripples’ represent the accumulations of sap that occur wherever the path of the wood’s growth has been restricted (knots or branches, for example).  Moire & Butterflies are always added on the final overglaze as a negative brush technique. Use a size 100 SPALTER or SKUNK brush for best results. (above) The painted pattern […]