Green Campan Marble Columns

These columns were painted to look like Green Campan Marble. This was a big job over the winter of 2008 in upstate NY. We did the walnut wood graining on the walls as well – but that’s another post.

Green Campan Marble-01

First of 3 stages: Background. Lay on tons of colored glaze in a directional flow with different sizes of the pointed glazing brush. We used Proceed glaze and slow-dry colors by Golden Artist Colors, Inc.

Green Campan Marble-02

Use a chiqueteur to mottle the colors while still keeping the colors pure.

Green Campan Marble-03

See how it looks after this step – it still has a good direction/flow.

Green Campan Marble-04

Soften every inch with a badger hair brush. Don’t obsess over this step – just blend quickly without brush marks.

Green Campan Marble-05

Use a mini badger hair brush for the edges.

Green Campan Marble-06

It’s got great color and flow. Let dry.

Green Campan Marble-07

Stage 2: Veining. Apply a very transparent green over the dried surface with a domed glazing brush. Be generous with glaze.

Green Campan Marble-08

Stipple aggressively to break up the glaze. Work fast. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

Green Campan Marble-09

You can use any chiqueteur brush for this next step, but I used a square 2-header for more control. Dip the brush in denatured alcohol, disperse on a palette to distribute evenly on the brush, and pounce lightly over the freshly glazed surface. Watch as the alcohol creates magical patterns.

Green Campan Marble-10

Vary your brush marks, but keep with the direction of the previous step.

Green Campan Marble-11

Start the veining process with blue/green, thin veins. I find a stiffer veining brush works best for this.

Green Campan Marble-12

Green Campan Marble-13

When you’re done veining, let dry.

Green Campan Marble-14

Stage 3: Overglazing. Using a fine chiqueteur, create a white, cloudy texture.

Green Campan Marble-15

I always use a palette when I paint. See the palette cup that holds my sauce.

Green Campan Marble-16

Add white veins and fissures using a softer veining brush.

Green Campan Marble-17

Use mostly pure white but add a little Naples yellow for variation.

Green Campan Marble-18

For the larger fissures, use a single headed brecher.

Soften veins in one direction with a round badger hair brush. Don’t overblend!! Finally, go back with the transparent green glaze and break up some of the bigger white veins using a 2-headed samina brush.

Green Campan Marble-19

We varnished these with a water-based satin varnish. We rolled the varnish in sections and then “tipped” the varnish with blue spalter.


  1. I have to go and paint this it is so amazing the veining beautiful Thanks pierre

  2. Hi Pierre, long time no see. As always your work is amazing! Thank you for doing a blog. I am going to be looking forward to it.

  3. thanks for posting that! incredible work

  4. Beautiful, Pierre! Thanks for sharing your technique:) The step by step process is really eye-opening to the steps involved to achieve believable marble. Great post!!

    -the Cat;)

  5. Steve Shriver says

    A lot of work, but that’s a genius technique! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Pierre, this is Awsome , thanks for sharing !

  7. Julien Gautier says

    Thanks for taking the time to show this. Amazing marble!

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