French Mantels & Hearths

French Mantels & Hearths-1Chiminees Francais (French Mantels & Hearths)  is a wonderful visual history of mantles and hearths that are unique and well-crafted. From the Renaissance, to gothic styles, to today- this book offers a wide array of designs. Decorative painters will love the close-up marble shots and the carvings and bas-reliefs that are begging to be transformed into a painted ornament.

    • Reference book of mantels of the centuries
    • 266 pages, 90% images
    • French and English
    • For painters: carvings, bas-relief to copy- great shots of marble/stone
    • For designers: multiple styles with full-view, detailed pictures
    • 266 pages, 90% images
    • French/English Text
    • Written by Samuel Roger
    • For more information, click here.
  • French Mantels & Hearths-2



  1. Hello, Pierre! I just went on line to research some marbles for a fireplace mantle and columns I am estimating and I find this!:) This book looks incredible; just what I needed. I hope you are well, my friend!!

    xo, the cat

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