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Geometric Design – Kid’s Room

Project Spotlight: Geometric Design- Kid’s Room First, I picked a color palette. Custom maquette I made for the client’s approval.  Pretty much approved except for a few edits.   On the job site, I refined the colors and design.   Sketches were very helpful. We began by filling in alternate rectangles.  It took 3 coats […]

Green Campan Marble Columns

These columns were painted to look like Green Campan Marble. This was a big job over the winter of 2008 in upstate NY. We did the walnut wood graining on the walls as well – but that’s another post. First of 3 stages: Background. Lay on tons of colored glaze in a directional flow with […]

French Mantels & Hearths

Chiminees Francais (French Mantels & Hearths)  is a wonderful visual history of mantles and hearths that are unique and well-crafted. From the Renaissance, to gothic styles, to today- this book offers a wide array of designs. Decorative painters will love the close-up marble shots and the carvings and bas-reliefs that are begging to be transformed […]

Egg and Dart

Egg and Dart is a popular ornamental pattern consisting of an egg and dart shape alternating.  It was often carved out of stone, wood, or plaster.  This pattern is found in Ancient Greek architecture and was used by the Romans.   This classical antiquity was commonly copied in the 16th and early 17th centuries.  Then, it […]


In architecture, a boss is a raised ornament usually found at an architectural intersection. In decorative painting, a boss is a popular enhancement to interiors.


Defined literally, a Polychrome painting technique is one that involves many colors. In decorative painting, polychrome technique usually refers to ornaments that are painted with multiple colors.


A true pilaster is a flat, rectangular column which projects only slightly from the wall and has both a capital and a base.  It is primarily used as an ornamental motif, but is often needed to support or buttress the wall.

Shagreen on Canvas

 Shagreen is a type of rawhide consisting of rough, untanned skin. In this project, we were asked to create panels on canvas. Since it is not possible for shagreen to be large, the area had to be divided into squares. Tape off the alternate squares with at least 2 inches of clearance. Be sure to […]