Versailles Palace from a decorative painter’s eye

  We recently took group of 17 students to tour of Palace of Versailles.  The students were painting a panel for 8 days in a studio near by.  Check out the class photos. As a child growing up in Paris, it was mandatory for students to visit the Palace once a year.  It’s fair to […]

Squirrel and Badger 2-header brushes

The squirrel 2-header is the original woodgrainer’s tool for mostly straight graining, best used with oil mediums. Replace the squirrel with water badger hair to get a slightly stiffer brush for today’s heavier water mediums. Both deliver the most realistic rendering in woodgraining by making a new print every time. Many brushes can be used […]

The Flogger

The flogger  is used to create the background “woodsy texture” of many of the most common woods.  The whipping motion creates an organic pattern that mimics wood pores. This is an essential tool in the the woodgrainer’s kit. When the technique of using the flogger is mastered, it’s a quick money maker when used as […]