Blue Faux Oak Wood Graining

One of our NYC designers had a client from Nantucket who wanted a blue faux oak wood graining. Here is the finished product.  Looks like oak, right?  The fact that they wanted blue gave me a license for a little creativity when it came to some of the graining, but it is important that it […]

Tooth Veinette

No other brush gives such fine lines like the tooth veinette.  Use this brush for painting many faux wood, marble, and other organic finishes.  Check out the video below to learn more. The tooth veinette is made with high quality bristle hair and is hand-picked for its straightness and length. The ‘teeth’ allow for a […]

Gilding at Versailles

Gilding at Versailles is a must have for gilders! This book was written by the head conservator of Versailles. This is a rare view into the secret world of one of the most illustrious French chateaux’s. The authors did not preserve any secrets and show valuable, time-honored gilding techniques. Spanning 4 centuries, the amount of gilding […]