Ebony Woodgrain

Here is a how-to for Ebony woodgrain.  It is a 3-step process to create this rich and heavily-grained wood.  If you use a fast drying medium like matte medium,  it’s possible to do all 3 steps in one day — or at least 2. Below is a light version of real Ebony wood.   Often, you […]

Burl wood graining

Here is a quick step-by-step for burl wood graining. For a small sample like this one, I used a slow-dry glaze mixed with the same amount of matte medium.  With a domed glazing brush, I glaze on a mixture of  vandyke brown, burnt umber, and transparent iron oxide (killer color from Proceed by Golden).  Glaze […]


Satin-like, semi-transparent ‘ripples’ represent the accumulations of sap that occur wherever the path of the wood’s growth has been restricted (knots or branches, for example).  Moire & Butterflies are always added on the final overglaze as a negative brush technique. Use a size 100 SPALTER or SKUNK brush for best results. (above) The painted pattern […]