My trip to Japan (Part I of 3)

In May 2013, I went on a voyage to Japan.  I was already scheduled to participate in Salon in Tokyo, so I decided to contact my friend, Moo.  Here he is with his assistant, Selena. Moo owns Moo Studios in Utsunomiya, Japan.  I proudly remember him as a former student.  He has found great success […]

Green Campan Marble Columns

These columns were painted to look like Green Campan Marble. This was a big job over the winter of 2008 in upstate NY. We did the walnut wood graining on the walls as well – but that’s another post. First of 3 stages: Background. Lay on tons of colored glaze in a directional flow with […]

Faux marble in L.A. with Jean Sable

One of our NYC designers commissioned my company, Grand Illusion Decorative Painting, Inc., to paint faux marble on all molding in a newly renovated living space. The Spanish, mission-style house is nestled in the hills of northern LA in a well-known part of town. The designer was going for an Italian-French 18th century interior, right […]