Switch plate covers to match veneered birch wallpaper

Here’s another project where we were hired to paint switch plate covers to match birch veneer wallpaper.  See also: (switch plate covers to match fabric, and switch plate covers to match tile). This is not a step-by-step because it is a very painterly project.  This post is more of a gallery of the different plates […]

Switch plate covers to match embroidered fabric

Here is another small project of painting switch plate covers to match embroidered fabric on the wall.  See tile match post. The plate was textured with a series of tinted texture using the very fine, samina chiqueteur.  Fast-dry fluid acrylics were used with a matte medium. Softening with a round badger between steps. Don’t forget […]

Switch plate covers to match tile

On a recent trip to Utah, we completed a series of switch plates — this switch plate cover matched the tile in a bathroom. The first thing we did was take a picture of the plate.  Then, it was brought back to my working station in the house. We were given 2 actual tiles for […]

Real and Woodgrain Burl

To finish up the discussion on burl, I’ve collected a few images of real and woodgrain burl.  The leading image is real burl.  The next handful of pictures are woodgrain burl completed by myself. As previously discussed in the post on the definition of burl, burl is a rare find as it is a deformity […]

Scagliola Imitation Marble Mantel – Part 2

This is the second and final part of my scagliola inspired, Yellow Sienna marble mantel (part 1). As we left off,  the background was being laid down with aggressive movement with a palette of colors.   The areas were then softened. The background layer was achieved using slow-dry glaze and colorants.  Therefore, the glaze was tacky […]

Scagliola imitation marble mantel – Part 1

A new client came my way who wanted a scagliola inspired, imitation marble on his mantel.  He was very interested in a theatrical rendering with aggressive breche and color — right up my alley! This was the inspiration for the yellow sienna marble.  Scagliola is a process of imitating real marble by using “dough” from […]

Faux Crotch Mahogany FFWD

This featured video is of faux crotch mahogany done on a door. Many of our jobs require us to match doors and millwork to existing wood in a residence. As seen in my last post Faux Marble Baseboard to Match a Mantel, matching an existing substrate is a common task, and a great way to […]

Faux Marble Baseboard to Match a Mantel

A fantastic way to improve a living space is to paint a faux marble baseboard to match an existing mantel. On many interior projects that we do, there is an existing mantel that is the centerpiece of the room.  Oftentimes, the marble or stone mantel has a variety of colors and character that must be […]

Faux Rust Patina Door

At a showroom event in Brooklyn, we created this faux rust patina door for a captive audience.   We completed the door in less than 45 minutes.  Therefore, the materials we used were fast-drying for the purpose of re-recoating within minutes. We started with a mixture of tinted primer, Rough Regular Proceed Texture, and Keraset powder.  […]

Exterior sign painting in Soho

Back to my roots!  I started as a sign painter and I thoroughly enjoy this sort of work.  This was a great job my crew and I had the pleasure of doing in Soho this spring. My task was to re-create the exact sign that was previously existing and damaged.  This is the finished work. […]