The Striping Edge

Control each stroke with our handmade striping edge made of lightweight bass wood and rubbed in oil for protection. Its double-reversed, beveled edge allows for consistent and efficient linear trompe l’oeil effects like faux molding. Once mastered, Pierre’s striping edge will shave hours off jobs and will deliver photo realistic quality that will surely pay […]

Spalter Brush

The spalter brush is one of the most used brushes in the decorative painting kit.  There are 6 sizes of brushes ranging from 6 inches to 1.5 at the smallest.  Each size has a different use.  A spalter is NOT a chip brush.  It is much thicker and made with high-quality bristle.  From strié to […]


The chiqueteur brush is used to create texture in faux marble.  When replicating marble with paint, you need a background layer that gives a feeling of texture and color.  This is the perfect brush for that.  It is made of natural fiber and can used in both oil and water mediums.  Sure, you can use […]

The Flogger

The flogger  is used to create the background “woodsy texture” of many of the most common woods.  The whipping motion creates an organic pattern that mimics wood pores. This is an essential tool in the the woodgrainer’s kit. When the technique of using the flogger is mastered, it’s a quick money maker when used as […]